my interests


I work on modern teaching methods and innovative technical solutions for STEM education.

Techlab Education - founded in 2013, reaches tens of thousands of students in the Bay Area through classes and events

Pythonroom - used by over 250k students around the world to learn computer science

APCS - an open-source graphics library and teaching methodology for Java

Pseudocode - an open-source programming language to introduce typed languages to young children in a fun way


Rapid, automated mosaicking of the human corneal subbasal nerve plexus - worked on image processing and graph theory aspects of the project, published and presented in 2017

What I'm working on:

Spacecode - coding game for teaching JavaScript - free Swahili lessons - open source curriculum and teaching methodologies


I support and work with a range of nonprofit causes.

Global Canvas - board member

SCVSEFA - science fair judge, project mentor, bronze level sponsor

BBC Microbit Foundation - US education partner through Techlab.


I speak English and Hindi fluently. I studied Spanish for three years in high school and Swahili for three years in college. I am currently learning spoken and written Mandarin.


Hiking, (long|snow|surf)boarding, wing chun, tai chi, pranayama


IoT coffeemaker

Smart Basement

TechLab facility


Lego CNC

Lego head

IoT coffeemaker

Touchscreen light switch